Ready, Aim, Fire: Archery for Kids

Archery is fun sport that supports hand-eye coordination, concentration and teamwork. In an article from Minnesota Bowhunter’s, Inc. they make an excellent point: “As a person grows older and plays less football and other team sports requiring a lot of strength and physical activity (we do usually have to work the next day), archery may come back as a more popular activity.” But between indoor opportunities, and of course, the great outdoors, archery is definitely something worth exploring!

Field archery is set in wooded areas; and is a type of archery where the outdoors is really on display. The three elements of field archery are field, hunter, and animal, with varying targets and distances, with closer target positions for children.

To help grow the interest in archery among the young, classes and clubs teach and train the ins and outs of the sport. Those near Atlanta, Georgia are lucky to have the resources from Learn Archery. A special “try-out” class lasts an hour and costs just $10, and this and most classes are available for kids ages 9 and up.

Earlier this year, in Hudson Falls, N.Y., people celebrated the Hudson Falls Fish and Game Club’s new facility with an archery demonstration. Forty kids ages 3 to 13 took part. This indoor facility has piqued interest in the sport, as now kids can practice year-round.

An appropriate spot to become familiar with archery terms and rules is the revamped site. You can also view a neat, interactive tutorial of archery techniques. In the 2008 Beijing Olympics, 14-year old Mariana Avitia of Mexico was the youngest Olympic competitor in archery.

Get started with the Faux Bow, a bow and arrow set that looks like a real crossbow, but is safe for indoors and out. It’s given away in the product title, but the Marshmallow Bow and Mallow has unique “ammo”: mini marshmallows! The Falcon Fire Compound Bow (pictured) hits targets 30 feet away.

You can also head to our website for other bow and arrow toys, as well as our entire selection of outdoor toys.

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