Oodles of Noodles – A Brain Bending Brain Noodles Staff Review

My obsession with the Brain Noodles line started when we received our very first shipment. I opened a box, and to my surprise, there was an adorable puppy display made entirely out of these jumbo pipe cleaners! I wanted to keep him all to myself, but sadly I had to give him up to our store for display. However, when our next shipment of Brain Noodles arrived, I found the display had been smashed while in transit – when I opened the box the once pretty flower looked like a wilting dandelion! So I searched the company’s website and found instructions to make the cute Scruffy Puppy instead (I mean I had to fix that poor flower). A few minutes later my puppy was complete! But since it was made from one yellow and one black/white striped Brain Noodle, it looked nothing like a puppy – it looked more like a mix between a koala and a cat. Thus it was officially named Koala-Kitty and now sits by my co-workers computer and purrs at her whenever she needs a little pick-me-up!


What’s to like?

Activity-inspiring pipe cleaners like you’ve never seen before, we feature seven unique and entertaining varieties of Brain Noodles. Our kits include four themed kits (Dino, Bug, Flower, and Puppy), two assortments (solid colors and striped), and an all-inclusive Big Kit that contains 26 jumbo pipe cleaners (both solid and striped) in two sizes! With so many kits from which to choose, it’s so hard for me to pick the kit I like most! My favorite aspect of the Brain Noodles kits is that each kit comes with an instruction booklet with a few project ideas and play suggestions, but the project possibilities are endless, giving children a chance to use their imagination and get creative. And, since these crazy kits can be used together, as kid’s Brain Noodles collections grow, so do the size of their projects.



Each kit, except for the Big Kit, contains twelve 18” jumbo, soft and fluffy pipe cleaners with vivid colors that will draw kids’ attention. I love the striped ones – each one has two colors spiraled together in an almost zebra-like print. Plus, these Brain Noodles aren’t like your typical craft store pipe cleaners either. I know when I was growing up, I’d twist and turn regular pipe cleaners and they would quickly start to shed their fuzz. Not the Brain Noodles! These products are very durable and can withstand any bend, fold, twist, or spiral you give them. This durability makes it easy for kids to take one project apart and start building a new one using the same Noodles.

Best of all, the Brain Noodles website is very resourceful! Not only does it have instructions for projects included in their kits, but they also post special holiday project ideas that help keep play new and exciting all year. I can’t wait to see what suggestion they have with the holiday season right around the corner! Plus, for teachers, the website has a wonderful Teacher Guide section with amazing lesson plans and ways to incorporate Brain Noodles into a classroom. All of these ideas can be found at www.brainnoodle.net.


At the end of the day

Ranging from $14.95 (for the regular kits) to $24.95 (for the Big Kit), the Brain Noodles Activity Kits provide a creative outlet for every child age 5 years and up! With so many play possibilities, there is sure to be a kit for every child and every interest. Who knows, you may end up proudly displaying a Dragon-Monkey or a Spider-Bee on top of your desk!


This staff review was brought to you by Sarah, our Warehouse Manager. Here’s a little more info (in her own words) about this long time Growing Tree Toys team member:
My time with Growing Tree Toys started 4 years ago when I worked part-time at Growing Tree Toys as a floor associate during my chemistry undergrad at Penn State. I have since become the warehouse manager, making it my goal that each customer’s order is fulfilled and arrives in perfect condition. During my free time, I love taking road trips to visit friends and family. They have helped shape who I am today, and I will never pass up an opportunity to have some quality time with them!

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