One “Egg”-cellent Kid – A Home Grown Cup Stacking Sensation

What do stacking plastic cups in pyramids and eggs have in common? Fourteen year old, speed-stacking sensation Luke Myers! Myers, an Eden Prairie, MN native, is ranked second in the world at the lightening-fast sport known as speed-stacking – a title earned after years of non-stop practice and competitive competition. After receiving world-wide recognition for his quick wit and fast fingers, one of Luke’s YouTube videos caught the attention of the American Egg Board, who was so “blown away” by Luke’s talent that they signed him up as a spokesperson for their national ad campaign on incredible people! How many kids can boast such an honor?

For those of us unfamiliar with this up-and-coming sport, speed-stacking (also known as sport stacking) is a growing phenomenon among adolescents that challenges kids to stack and un-stack plastic cups in a series of pyramids – of course, in the shortest amount of time possible. It may seem that simple, but it’s not that easy! According to the World Sport Stacking Association, there are 3 different types of speed-stacking competitions – the 3-3-3, the 3-6-3, and the cycle. Amazingly enough, Luke Myers holds the record in his age group for each of these categories – impressed? I am!

Luke has become such an online sensation among young kids and adults alike, that many of his biggest fans have created tribute videos to showcase his talent and show they appreciate what he can do.  Here’s a YouTube tribute video created for Luke:

So, why was the American Egg Board interested in using this talented kid in their national campaign? The goal of the American Egg Board is “to increase demand for egg and egg products on behalf of the U.S. egg producers (” Who better to promote a product that boosts energy for both body and mind than the world’s second-fastest speed machine? Let’s take a look at Luke’s incredible egg commercial:

Now, the recognized face of a major ad campaign, Luke Myers has come a long way. He may have started out as an average 11-year-old boy, who was introduced to a new game by his aunt, but now he’s an unstoppable speed machine!

Note: To keep up his speed, Luke practices for at least an hour a day. Want to beat Luke’s score? Grab some cups and start stacking!

For more information about Luke Myers and his speed-stacking background, check out this Pioneer Press news article:

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