Nickelodeon Game Shows and BrainSurge

We haven’t seen a lot of green slime on Nickelodeon in the last 10 years. And that use to be kind of… their thing. I’m hoping for a return of the slime content and I think BrainSurge has the potential to start the revolution.

As of June 21, BrainSurge began its second season on Nickelodeon! It’s a kids’ game show reminiscent of early late 80’s and 90’s Nickelodeon shows like Double Dare, You Can’t Do that On Television and Figure it Out with lots of slime and gross contraptions.

Nickelodeon was a groundbreaking concept for kid’s television programming when it began at the end of the 1970’s. An entire network devoted to kids, fun and getting revenge on authority figures with cream pies. There was definitely a golden age of Nickelodeon that today’s kids are missing—and I don’t think I’m just being nostalgic.

In its early years, Nickelodeon produced simple, creative and inspiring television shows. Even the bumps and station id’s were weird and creative. For example, there was a series of short spots during commercial breaks in which ordinary kids with very ordinary bedrooms gave the cameras tours of their rooms.

Enough of what we’ve lost. Here’s how BrainSurge works:

The first round begins with memory puzzles that are actually pretty challenging. Two players are eliminated and sent down THE BRAINDRAIN, a long slide filled with earwax-like mush that originates from a giant ear.

In the next level the host reads a story and kids are pulled away on crazy-hand chairs with whoopee cushions if they answer story questions incorrectly. When there are only two players, they compete in a matching memory game. The final round challenges the winner to remember a pattern of lights on a floor grid, and then run across it.

If the last player completes the 6 x 6 grid before time runs out, he or she gets covered in slime and wins a grand prize! It’s a cool concept for a game show, because the viewer can work on the memory puzzles with the contestants.

Here’s to a slimy green Nickelodeon planet!

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