Morphibians Have Invaded our House! – A Stealthy and Speedy Staff Review

As a kid, one of my favorite types of toys was anything remote controlled. Maybe it was simply the idea that I was controlling something that was down the street or the enjoyment I received sneaking up on my sister – but I loved (and do still love) remote control toys. So of course I enjoyed reviewing the Morphibians line by Kid Galaxy Toys. But then again, who wouldn’t want play with a remote control car that looks like a Gator, Land Shark or Cobra – and goes on water and land?

What’s to like?

For starters, these Morphibians go… and go… and go! I started my adventure on our sidewalk, and once the car reached the end of my neighbor’s property (a whopping 100 feet!), I figured the distance test was complete! Consequently, the remote has what I consider an awesome range for a toy at this price, which is perfect driving the Morphibian all over the driveway, playground or to sneak up on your neighbor! I was also impressed with the ability of the Morphibian to handle different terrain from the rough to the wet. While this ultimate vehicle seems to work best in the house, it moved without problems over other terrain – such as my bumpy driveway, the sidewalk and even grass! Then came the fun part – the water! I tested the Morphibian in the bathtub and while it worked just as well as on land, I think that it would be even more fun in a pool or lake because there’s more space to play. But what kid (or adult) doesn’t love a remote control car you can take on land or water?

When it comes to maneuvering the Morphibians, it takes some time to become comfortable with the 2-button remote control. The two buttons on the remote control each control a different direction, one for the left side and one for the right side. So how do you go straight, you ask? Simply press both buttons at the same time and the Morphibian will go straight as an arrow. When it comes to turning, it might take little ones some time to master, but I learned to comfortably “aim” the vehicle in about 5 minutes. So, little ones should be expected to take a little longer, but they’ll pick it up in no time. The best part about Morphibians is that you almost don’t need to steer it to have fun because if you’re going the wrong way, just throw the controls in the opposite direction and watch as the Morphibian spins out or does a silly trick, and then you can go, go, go again!

While I was mastering my remote skills, yes, I did crash into to walls, trees and even my car tire. Luckily, this thing is a mini-tank. Each time I ran it into something, it simply bounced off and waited for me to start driving again. Even after a batch of crashing accidents, my Morphibian has no cracks or dents. It seems that these cars were made for any “accident” one may encounter during play time.

At the end of the day

For $29.95, the Morphibian is a cool looking, fun to drive remote control car that is well worth the price! While the steering may take a 5-year- old a little bit to master, the controls and the car are forgiving enough that you can still have fun twisting and turning this vehicle as you work on your craft! Overall, I love it!

This staff review was brought to you by Jon, a Managing Partner. Here’s a little more info (in his own words) about this long time Growing Tree Toys team member:
After years of living with and working in my family’s business, I returned to State College with my wife in 2003 to launch the e-commerce website for Growing Tree Toys. As part of this endeavor, I focus on the operational side of the business, which includes managing, updating and testing our website, overseeing the wonderful warehouse, and constantly evaluating our processes and practices. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my wife and our rambunctious labradoodle Toby. Music is a constant companion in my life and I love spending time enjoying the great Pennsylvania outdoors!

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