Monkey See, Monkey Do – A “Dress Me Up” Staff Review

My daughter has always called her tiny toddler, Desi, her “little monkey.” And what do monkeys do? They imitate the actions of those around them, which is handy when little ones work on developing motor skills, hand-eye coordination and reasoning. Consequently, there’s no bigger incentive to tempt a toddler to learn these important skills than by having her imitate her favorite animal – the very animal after which she is nicknamed in fact! For frustrated parents, and grandparents for that matter, the Learn to Dress Monkey from Alex Toys combines every aspect of dressing from head to toe, preparing little ones for their next great adventure.


What’s to like?

The Learn to Dress Monkey is the ideal “doll” for little ones because it can go everywhere kids go and do anything kids want it to do: sit during play, contort into those pretzel positions only kids can create, relax in a toy stroller, and cuddle during nap time. I wish my favorite friend was that versatile!

Besides being a great take-along companion, this well-dressed Monkey features 11 common dressing activities to help youngsters develop those tricky motor skills, while emphasizing reasoning and sequencing as they dress and undress this cute, lovable monkey. I love that in addition to enhancing my granddaughter’s pretend play, the Learn to Dress Monkey is teaching her to zip, lace, button, snap, loop and buckle shoes, put on socks, and pull on overalls, as well as to remove and replace shirts.



After raising 4 children and entertaining 4 grandchildren, I can honestly say that the best part about the Learn to Dress Monkey is that it’s the model house guest – it’s quiet, washable, colorful, lightweight, and gender neutral. And, parents will love to have the Learn to Dress Monkey along on trips because it wears its entire wardrobe and only requires the occasional banana!


At the end of the day

A fun-loving “dress me” favorite, the Learn to Dress Monkey is perfect for children ages 18 months and up and retails for $34.95!


This staff review was brought to you by Darla, a Warehouse Shipping Associate. Here’s a little more info (in her own words) about this dedicated Growing Tree Toys team member:
I have worked at the Growing Tree warehouse since November 2008 assembling, wrapping and shipping toys to our customers. When I’m not sending toys across the country, I enjoy busying myself with all my hobbies: counted cross-stitch, Sudoku, bird watching (Cornell winter bird counts), collecting Wade porcelain, 2 pet society finches, the Bible, and traveling to East Africa. I live outside of State College, PA with my husband, a retired fisheries biologist, and we have 4 children (and 4 precious grandchildren).

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