Loving Arts and Crafts – in March and Beyond

Today marks my 100th post on this blog! For me, there’s no better way to celebrate than with my favorite pastime: Arts & Crafts. And even better, March is Arts & Crafts Month!

Crafty related posts have been popular since we started this blog, so here’s a brief look back at some of our favorites.

Here in our home of State College, PA, the arts are front and center in early July for the annual Central PA Festival of the Arts, AKA Arts Fest! This past summer, we highlighted some favorites from Children’s Day. In the past we also mentioned one of the top draws at this festival and other events around the world: sidewalk chalk creations.

We see so many great blogs and websites that showcase projects and creations of all kinds. But one of our favorites is Made by Joel! He creates anything out of everything and it’s all centered on fun. We’re very happy to hear he is debuting a book of 35 craft projects entitled “Made to Play” in October!

A tough thing about crafting (and any sort of project!) is how to keep everything in order. Here are some simple solutions to keep supplies organized, from containers around the house that can be repurposed, to various vessels that are works of art in themselves!

A childhood favorite is on display in this post – Lanyards Maybe you know these knotted, summer camp standbys as “Scoubidou” or “boondoggle.” No matter what you call them, these colorful crafts keep kids busy, and are entirely mess-free.

See other arts & crafts themed posts on our blog, including holiday craft ideas. Of course, watch for more!

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