Made by Joel

You might not realize how easy it is to create your own unique toys at home. It’s something that artist Joel Henriques is really good at. He shares lots of free templates for making cardboard toys, coloring pages and cute matching games on his blog, Made by Joel!

Joel’s toys aren’t complicated. He uses his children for inspiration and makes what he thinks they’ll like. In my favorite matching game of his, kids draw lines from scary Halloween cats to their matching shadows—simple, effective and cool! You can find the template here.

I recommend poking around his site. Here is a list of my personal favorite projects to get you started:

Paper Clip Finger Puppets

Miniature Zip Line Toy

Zipline Toy

Wall Hanging Cardboard Box Aquarium

Slotted Building Discs

Slotted Building Discs

Dress Up Drawings

Dress Up Drawings

All photos in this post are credited to and owned by Joel Henriques.


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