Looking For An Easy School Fundraiser? Consider A Gamewright GameNight!

I loved Ratatat Cat from Gamewright when I was in elementary school. It’s a game that combines memory and strategy with anthropomorphic rats and cats. If I couldn’t convince anyone to play it with me, sometimes I just looked at the illustrations on the cards and imagined things about the characters. Gamewright makes awesome kids’ games.

Do you know what else they do? Partner with parents and teachers to put on super fun fundraisers in schools. With the new school year approaching these Gamewright GameNights are a great way to meet other families, play together and raise money for your children’s school!

Classic Game Night

Here’s how it works: One evening, the school hosts a GameNight at which families can play a range of new and favorite games provided by Gamewright. During the evening, people can purchase games and half of the proceeds from the sales are donated to your school! (The games will range in price from around 5 dollars to 15 dollars).

Gamewright makes it very simple to hold one of these events. Here are the steps to making it happen:

Step 1: First coordinate a date and location. Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings sometime between 6 and 9 are usually ideal. A central location like a school gym or cafeteria works well and two hours is the perfect amount of time.

Patchwork Game

Step 2: Once all the details are set with the school, contact Gamewright to give them the information plus your school’s shipping address. Gamewright then sends promotional posters and flyers to distribute throughout classrooms. They’ll also send demo games 2 weeks before the event so that your volunteer staff can learn the rules.

Step 3: You’ll need 1 volunteer to staff the sales table, 1 to staff a demo games table and then a handful of “Game Gurus”—people that can teach the games. Enlisting older kids and teens as some of the Game Gurus will make the night special for younger kids and the more Game Gurus you have the better!

Step 4: To promote the GameNight, distribute the provided fliers around the community and send mini flyers home with kids. Use your school’s PTO or PTA email lists to send out an announcement to weeks prior to the event and then another email reminder a few days before the event. Announce the event at community gatherings and at a PTO meeting!

Dweebies Game

Gamewright GameNights are a nice way to fundraise because kids don’t have to peddle candies, wrapping paper or knickknacks to their grandparents and neighbors. They can volunteer and help out at the event or just come and play! It’s low stress and lots of fun! Learn more about Gamewright GameNights here! Contact them at gamenight@gamewright.com or call 1-800-638-7568 x221 for more information.

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