Look Ma! No Feet! – A Plasma Car Ride-On Staff Review

I remember in grade school when we used to play with homemade “scooters,” which were nothing more than a piece of wood with four wheels attached. We would use them to slide across the floor on our stomachs, play tag, and bump into each other (it was always my favorite way to spend gym class). Those rough, homemade contraptions would never pass the safety laws of the land in today’s world, but luckily, there is a super cool, kid-powered alternative that brings back those playful memories – the Plasma Car Ride-On Toy!


What’s to like?
The next generation of “scoot on your butt” toys, the Plasma Car Ride-On Toy not only looks like it is from space, but it leads to out of this world fun for kids and adults! The ultimate kid-powered ride-on, the idea of the Plasma Car is very basic – move the steering wheel side to side, which propels the car forward using the forces of inertia, centrifugal force, gravity and friction! Hold on because away you’ll go!

Plasma Car Ride-On Toys are sturdy enough to be ridden both indoors and outdoors as long as there’s a relatively smooth surface to accommodate the blinding speed kids are certain to reach! Ok, according to the manufacturer Plasma Cars reach a “blinding speed” of up to 6 mph, but when the breeze is flying through their hair, kids will only be thinking about the fun they’re having. I know I do!

In today’s eco-conscious world, the Plasma Car Ride-On Toy is the premium choice for on-the-go children because it’s 100% kid-powered! I love that no matter how fast you make the Plasma Car Ride-On Toy go, stopping is as easy as lowering your feet to the ground (and there’s no free-wheeling pedals to get in your way). And, as if going forward with this self-propelled ride-on wasn’t cool enough, you can also take it for a ride in reverse. If you need to back up, like I usually do, simply flip the steering wheel upside down and steer away.

Best of all, the Plasma Car Ride-On Toy is made of high-quality sturdy ABS plastic that is certain to hold up to the wear and tear of any child or adult, while meeting all strictest safety requirements. And for all you parents who want in on the fun of riding the Plasma Car Ride-On Toy, it can hold up to 220 lbs – so make sure that you take turns! The Plasma Car Ride-On Toy is also available in 3 different colors on our website (blue, red, and pink) – so choosing one to meet your colorful personality is a breeze!


 At the end of the day
For the reasonable price of $69.95, and on special for $49.95 during the holidays, the Plasma Car Ride-On Toy, for kids ages 3 years and up, is the perfect ride-on for kids to scoot around the garage, driveway, or down the street! No pedals, no gears, no batteries – the Plasma Car Ride-On Toy is just good old kid-power!

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