Lil Shopper Play Set Review

For the past year I’ve gained a new perspective on the fun toys we carry – I have a little one who is often anxious to play! So today is the first installment of “M Reviews” – a closer look at a tested toy that my child enjoys. First up, the Lil Shopper Play Set!

Lil Shopper Play Set

A trip to the grocery store is on our schedule once or twice per week, and it’s fun to pack all of our produce, dairy products and more into reusable grocery bags. Earlyears has a cute set for sized just right for babies! The Lil Shopper Play Set comes with a container of milk, an apple, an orange, a banana, and a head of cabbage (which we sometimes call, “lettuce”). Every one of them makes a noise! The cabbage, as well as the banana peels “crinkle”, the orange closes with Velcro and has a rattle, the apple has a bell, and the milk has a different sounding rattle. All the groceries can be packed into the cute, tot-sized brown bag!

M’s first teething toy at around six months was definitely that carton of milk. Maybe it was its shiny exterior, or the Velcro closure, or the mirror when you opened the flaps; but for at least a month we were sure that milk came with us wherever we went! Thankfully it is pretty easy to clean with a moist towelette.

Lil Shopper Play Set

Around nine months old, M could really manipulate the fruits and vegetables, probably liking that banana the best! In the subsequent months he really enjoyed the noises they all make, and was able to bring each one to us when we asked for it. Now at 14 months he is fully aware that those five items belong inside the brown bag!

Probably what I appreciate most now is that they are soft – now that we are deep in the “throwing” stage!

The Lil Shopper Play Set! is recommended for 6 months and up and that has held true for us, and it’s been fun to see the different ways he plays with it as he grows. It’s a great start to “playing” healthy!


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