Lights for Life: Helping Kids and the Planet

Each exciting holiday season, there are new toys, tasty treats, and lots of family fun. But with that often comes quite a bit to discard, and hopefully, recycle! While we know to break down cardboard to recycle, keep gift bags for next year, properly dispose of the tree, and maybe even compost uneaten food, did you know there is also a way to recycle strands of Christmas lights? A great organization, Lights for Life, helps both kids and the environment by recycling old holiday lights and giving the proceeds to families of kids with cancer.

Strand of Lights

Lights for Life was founded four years ago by John Worthington. After learning his cousin had Leukemia, he searched for a way to help his cousin and other children with cancer. He had the novel idea to recover the Copper and PVC from broken holiday lights and sell them back to the manufacturing industry. Now, many Ace Hardware locations are taking strands of lights to help the cause. (Click here to see more information about collection and to find out if your local Ace is participating.)

Other ways to help Lights for Life include donating a vehicle or cash, as well as volunteering. You can also refer a child to be considered as a recipient family of Lights for Life funds.

We appreciate Lights for Life’s mission to help kids and the environment. Thank you for all that you do!

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