School is Where You Make It!

Thanks to the internet, we can share and find information faster and more efficiently than we ever thought possible. People with common interests from all over the world can collaborate and find new solutions and ideas. One of many subjects that has really benefited from being connected globally is homeschooling!

An awesome resource for parents that homeschool or for anyone that wants creative, budget-friendly, and most importantly, engaging and educational ideas for young children is the blog by The Activity Mom! Nicole made an appearance before as our Blogger of the Week and we’re happy to revisit her blog and share some more of her great ideas with our readers!

Reuse and Repurpose
For a new way to play with puzzles, she suggests hiding the pieces! Such a neat and totally simple way to breathe new life into a toy. See tons more budget friendly-solutions!

You have a computer and a printer – use them to literally make the supplies for hours of learning! One of my favorite printables on her site is the Candle Build-a-Shape Mat that lets kids match the sides of familiar shapes with none other than birthday candles! Make sure your printer is full of paper and check out her printables.

Holiday Fun
Nicole shares ways to make the holidays a learning experience as well! Get ready for upcoming celebrations with ideas for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Quick Activities
So many of her ideas are even better because they can be put together and ready to play with right away! A fun example is entitled What’s Missing?. Simply draw pictures with something “missing” and let your child fill it in or say what’s not there!

Visit The Activity Mom and explore new ways to learn and play, and visit our blog again next week for more to celebrate Back to School!

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  1. The Activity Mom August 27, 2010 at 8:56 am #

    Thank you so much for sharing about my blog today with your readers! It’s an honor to be featured here.

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