Kids Will Be on Cloud Nine with Cloud B – A Twilight Sea Turtle Staff Review

SPOILER ALERT!! Any of my friends or family that reads this staff review, and just had a baby or is expecting one soon, I am tipping my hand for any baby shower gift or new baby gift that you may receive from me. Why? Because I just love the precious Twilight Sea Turtle Toy from Cloud B, and I want to give it to as many households with little ones as I can! And while this sea turtle is an adorable present for the youngest of children, it makes a great gift to give for toddlers, preschoolers, and even older kids!


What’s to like?
I have to admit, I love the entire concept of this Twilight Sea Turtle, from the cute turtle design and the illuminating colors, to the star constellations and the included book and star guide – this multi-purpose tortoise has it all! But, why is this toy great for babies and other young ones, you ask? While these little ones are not yet aware of which constellations are shining above them, this wonderful starry night effect, coupled with the Twilight Sea Turtle’s shell that can shine in blue, green or aquamarine, is soothing for bedtime. I even have a friend that loves to lie down and “look at the stars” above as her little one starts to doze off. But,

for those nights when star-gazing isn’t in her plans, the auto shut-off of the 45-minute sleep timer will keep her from disturbing her young son after he falls asleep.

And, even if the Twilight Sea Turtle did not prove to be useful after those early years, it would still totally be worth it; but, lucky for kids and parents, this is a toy that really grows with children and continues to offer consolation, entertainment and education! As young ones grow, fear of the dark can become a very real – and very exhausting – experience for any family. This sea turtle is a trusty sidekick, adding a soft and soothing glow to dark bedrooms that helps to ease nighttime jitters.

But, to call this Twilight Sea Turtle a “night light” is totally misleading – it’s so much more. Once children are old enough, they can take the time to learn about the 5 endangered sea friends that are pictured on the turtle’s back, which include a Blue Whale, a California Sea Otter, a Knysna Seahorse, a Leatherback Turtle and a Vaquita Dolphin. Not only can they choose which animal to light up on the turtle’s shell, but they can also read about their endangered friends in the included storybook.

In addition to reading about these endangered sea animals, children can also look to the skies and spend time learning about the star constellations that shine from the back of the Twilight Sea Turtle. The included star guide helps identify the turtle’s constellations, fostering an appreciation of astronomy and the stars that fill the nighttime sky. I know I am always sad that the only constellation I seem to know is Orion’s Belt! If only I had the Twilight Sea Turtle as a child … my enthusiasm for reading and learning would have ensured that I was somewhat of a constellation “expert” after about a week’s worth of time with this adorable turtle. Instead, I pass the opportunity for this star knowledge on to many of the young ones I know!


At the end of the day
The stars truly have aligned to make such a magical toy! The Twilight Sea Turtle Toy from Cloud B is perfect for kids of all ages – from newborns to school age children – and retails for a reasonable $33.95. Star struck yet? If not, then let me convince you with this childhood classic: Star Light Star bright, The first star I see tonight, I wish I may, I wish I might, Have the wish I wish tonight. The Twilight Sea Turtle Toy is that wish come true!


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