Eight Kids Crafts for Halloween

With about a month till Halloween, we wanted to share some fun craft ideas to extend the fun of this spooky holiday!

Crafts Bucket

Spooky Eyeball Bucket
Ages: 5 and up
Materials: Plastic bucket, sandpaper, yellow construction paper, black marker, white craft glue, black craft paint, scissors
This bucket, adorned with construction paper-made eyeballs, is perfect for trick-or-treating!

Halloween Favor Boxes
Ages: 3 and up (for decorating)
Materials: Cardboard toilet paper rolls, paint, glue, decorations
Make festive favor boxes out of empty cardboard toilet paper rolls.

Pasta Skeletons

Pasta Skeletons
Ages: 5 and up
Materials: Dried pasta in various shapes, white glue, construction paper
This simple craft from Martha Stewart takes advantage of the different varieties of pasta available.

Pom-Pom Pumpkin Patch
Ages: 7 and up
Materials: pom-poms, wiggle eyes, felt, pipe cleaners, glue, scissors, wooden skewer
This fall-themed craft makes a great decoration all season long.

Leaf Magnets

Pretty Paper Autumn Leaf Magnets
Ages: 3 and up
Materials: Cardstock, fall leaves, tissue paper, white glue, paper plate, marker, scissors, magnetic tape
Another craft not only for Halloween, younger kids can enjoy this project.

Peeking Goblin
Ages: 7 and up
Materials: Cardstock, color printer, scissors, utility knife
Your mini-blinds serve as the home for this spooky goblin.

Bird Feeder

Pumpkin Bird Feeder
Ages: 8 and up
Materials: 3-5 lb. pumpkin, pumpkin carving tools, twine, decorations, birdseed
This earth-friendly craft is literally for the birds!

Pumpkin Masks
Ages: 4 and up
Materials: Paper plates, yarn, glue, scissors, hole punch, construction paper, decorations
Enjoy one of six eco-friendly crafts available at the Go Green Blog.

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Kaboose, and the Go Green Blog.

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