Keeping Kids’ Teeth Healthy

The dentist – an often controversial subject for adults, let alone their kids! Some people have that first visit scheduled the day their child turns six months, others don’t see the need for at least a few years. Thankfully there are a lot of resources out there, like from Pediatric Safety, WebMD, and the American Dental Association that can help parents make the right decision for their family.

Here are a few basic tips to help prepare your child for the first visit and enjoy dental care:

  • Research if there are pediatric dentists in your area
  • Briefly describe what will happen at the dentist, without using any overly descriptive words (like “hurt”!)
  • Say something simple like “he/she will count your teeth”
  • Choose a time of day for the appointment that you feel is best for your child
  • Let your child see you get your teeth cleaned
  • Have your child pick out their own special toothbrush
Crocodile Dentist

The ADA has a cute little interactive activity called Visit the Dentist with Marty that provides a sneak preview of what happens at the dentist’s office.

Another fun way to ease into dental visits may be to let your kid play dentist themselves. And what better way to do that than with the classic toothy-themed Crocodile Dentist Game! The all-in-one, battery-free game could even come along to the dental appointment.

Of course, we aren’t leaving out those little ones, we wholeheartedly know that “teeth” is not a fun word to hear at times! We have several cute and functional teething toys to help babies and toddlers through those tough teething times. The one and only Sophie the Giraffe, made of natural rubber, is a well-loved favorite by tots and their parents all over the globe. The Amazing Baby Blanket Teether Bear Baby Toy has several textures and makes crinkly sounds to engage (and perhaps, distract!) the little one as he or she pushes those teeth through. Finally, the Busy Bee Baby Buzz’r Toy has soothing vibration (as well as calming music) for your baby to enjoy.

How do you make the trip to the dentist enjoyable for your child? Let us know here or on our Facebook page!

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