Jump Rope for Heart and Your Health!

One of my shining moments to this day is when I was asked to be part of the fifth grade jump rope club as a mere first grader. It wasn’t just any club though; we echoed the era with high energy, choreographed “dances” that we presented while our fellow classmates enjoyed their lunches.

Kids Break the Record

A whole different sense of group jump roping shines in the neat yearly fundraiser, Jump Rope for Heart. Students all over the country jump to raise funds for the American Heart Association, which supports cardiovascular disease research.

On February 1 of this year, 88,000 jumpers in California took part in the CAHPERD Jamba Jump Day™, jump roping simultaneously for 10 minutes. They easily eclipsed the world record held previously by Australia for “Most People Jumping/Skipping Rope at the Same Time”!

Kids Break the Record

Overall, jump roping is great because it can span many age groups and skill levels, and the minimal equipment needed is rather inexpensive!

What if you or your kids want to take part in one of these special events, but need some practice first? Among all our neat toys are two unconventional jump ropes.

One of our fun jump ropes doubles as a craft project! The Make It Yourself Rubber Band Jump Rope Kit is constructed from woven rubber bands and connected to foam handles.

Green Toys Jump Rope

Just like all of Green Toys‘ products, their jump ropes feature recycled plastic, as well as 100% cotton rope! Take your pick of pink or purple.

But what about the jumps? You can learn about all the kinds, from the Backward 180 to the Swing Kick, as well as various partner and Double Dutch skills at the American Heart Association website!

No matter what kind of jump rope you use, it’s a fine activity for getting your heart pumping, and you can even support heart health research in the process. Get inspired with this fun video recapping the CAHPERD Jamba Jump Day™ feat!

Photos courtesy of the Auburn Journal. For more super kids doing great things, check out more Amazing Kids posts!

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