It’s Beginning to Look A lot Like Christmas – Terrific Toys and Family Fun Part 2

“Deck the halls with boughs of holly
Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la
‘Tis the season to be jolly
Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la”

Christmas is just around the corner and while parents are busy “decking the halls,” baking delicious cookies for Santa, and “helping” Santa shop for loved ones, how will young ones celebrate the holiday season?

When I was younger, counting down to Christmas Eve was always a little frustrating because I couldn’t reach our family calendar and I wasn’t allowed to cross off the days either. Thankfully, my elementary school art teacher helped me create my very first interlocking paper link paper chain. Making a paper chain was easy – all you have to do was ask your parents to help you cut the number of paper strips you needed (ex. If you make your chain on the 7th of December, you need 15 strips to count down until Christmas Eve), and then use a glue stick to hold your links together in a chain. I couldn’t wait to take a link off each morning!

While the chains I used to make were colorful, but simple, kids today have a whole new way to make super silly chains for this holiday season!

The next generation of crazy colorful paper links, the Paper Chains Kit from Alex Toys features 180 double-sided paper links in a variety of colors and designs to make over 75 feet of paper chains! From stripes to polka dots and swirls to checks, these double-sided paper links create colorful holiday decorations both inside and out. This colorful kit also includes the all important glue stick to complete this loop-de-loop, countdown fun!

Let’s face it, kids are crafty! What better way to help them express their inner artist than to create their very own tree ornaments and sparkly decorations?

I’ll never forget the first Christmas that my grandmother showed me how to make a Moravian star – a 3D paper star popular in Germany. (At the time, I’ll admit I was convinced she was showing me a family secret, and even though I know better now, the memory is still precious to me). We made them in every color and color combination we could think of and hung them from our tree and our ceiling.

To make a Moravian star, you need 4 strips of long paper and some patience because this star is made in an origami style. Check out these easy, step-by-step instructions to create your very own stars:

When it comes to this seasons greetings holiday, it doesn’t matter if you celebrate with decorations, with gifts, or with family (or all three like I do), as long as you celebrate! Create some new traditions with your young ones that will last a lifetime!

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