Interact with Playmobil’s Future Planet!

Playmobil has the neatest world themes and environments, from everyday life to the exciting and whimsical. Some of Playmobil’s new themes, like the Top Agents, have electronic features and more to make the toys truly “high-tech!” One of the latest is the characters of the Future Planet, the E-Rangers and Dark Rangers! These busy explorers are battling in the year 2113, trying to collect important energy stones needed for power.

Future Planet

The E-Rangers and Dark Rangers are so advanced, they have their own micro website! It is the proper introduction to this Future Planet. When you first arrive at the site, watch the movie! You’ll learn about all the characters and their important, modern machinery, like the E-Rangers Collectobot needed to harvest the energy stones, and the Dark Rangers Truck with Knockout Cannon that functions as both a truck and a defense station.

After you watch the movie, try your hand at two challenging games, Energy Harvest and Power Defense! Check out the Characters section to read profiles on each character, from Kauki Kolosso and Lex Laser of the E-Rangers, and Red Robot and Skyjack of the Dark Rangers.You can also view movies where you see the Playmobil toys in action, and even download wallpapers for your computer or cell phone showing off which side you’re on.

Visit the Future Planet site to learn all about the world of 2113 today!

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