Indoor Fun: Cooking with Kids

Stuck inside because of less-than-ideal weather? Or just looking for new ways to play? Check out some ideas to get kids to love cooking and hanging out in the kitchen.

We obviously love food and fun around here – having talked about the benefits of pretend play food, and highlighting seasonal cuisine like summer barbecues and festive holiday treats. But it’s worth talking about – kids have a better understanding of what foods are good for them and why if they have hands-on experience with it!

Search “kitchen” at our website and you’ll see dozens of options – from the Complete Kitchen Set from Alex Toys,
to close-to-real-life kitchens that come in just the right size, like the Educo Gourmet Chef Kitchen Play Set.

Now how about some kid-friendly recipes? Here are a few favorite spots to get kids cooking.

Kids Health: This section of this site, geared towards kids, conveniently points out where adult help is needed. They even have recipe sections for different dietary needs, from celiac disease and lactose intolerance to vegetarian and diabetic-friendly options. The familiar Nutrition Facts label and a photo are included for each recipe.
Try it now: Confetti Quinoa

Nick Jr.: Nickelodeon fans will love this collection, you can even search for recipes based on favorite Nick Jr. shows! There is a thoughtful “difficulty” search option, including easy kids recipes for little ones just getting started in the kitchen.
Try it now: Fruit Kabobs with Yogurt Dip (pictured)

San Diego Zoo: A unique spot to find culinary ideas for kids is from one of the best zoos in the world, the San Diego Zoo! Roadrunner Robin shares some favorites on a list of animal-inspired recipes.
Try it now: Warthog Waffles

Be sure to come back to our blog as we are sure to feature other recipes and new ways to have fun in the kitchen throughout the year.

Finally, to quote the one and only Jacques Pépin, “Happy Cooking!”

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