Iggy, Kiko, Pipa and Tias – the New Beatles of the Play Room! – A Silly Seating Staff Review

Play rooms should always have certain items designed for function and fun – a toy chest, books, tons of toys, and a cozy place perfect for kids to sit, read, draw, and play. But, just because adults are used to traditional tables and chairs, doesn’t mean that the play room has to follow those rules! The colorful assortment of Silly Soft Seating from P’kolino is perfect for adding a bit of spunk and personality to any play room, while also serving as a piece of versatile furniture that is ideal for imaginative play!


What’s to like?

Just look at their goofy smiling faces – these P’kolino chairs are just begging to play with your young one! Available in 4 colorful and quirky designs, this P’kolino Silly Soft Seating collection is certain to inspire hours of imaginative play, as kids make up stories about their new friends or incorporate these creatures into the creative events of their day. And while toddlers will simply love to play with their new buddies, there is more to these cute creatures than meets the eye!

Due to the lightweight nature of the thick high-density foam construction, kids can easily disassemble their friends to turn them into what they really are: Silly Soft Seating! These 3-piece chairs come apart easily, with the removal of the head and mouth forming a low-to-the-ground seat that is not only comfortable, but convenient and safe for growing toddlers. And while it may appear like the remaining pieces have no purpose, the small mouth can be used as a booster seat and the head piece flips over to become a little play table. In addition to the multi-functional uses of these chairs, the Silly Soft Seating is also the perfect kid size, measuring 10”Lx17”Wx16”H when fully assembled.

When I first saw this seating in person at Toy Fair this year, I was instantly drawn to the bright colors and unique design – I love that these pieces are engaging and entertaining, yet still super functional for children. I know I would have spent hours playing with the assembled creature, while also spending just as much time finding new purposes for the pieces that fall outside the chair aspect. Why use this cool product just as a chair when it’s so much more?

I also love that this 3-piece seat is extremely durable, yet lightweight, for ease of use and the safety of young ones. These chairs offer a snug, secure seat for little kids, but the pieces are light enough that they can spend all day taking them apart and putting them back together again for a new-age twist on the Humpty Dumpty rhyme.



And, when a little too much love, play, and sitting has this colorful seating looking a little dingy, you can remove the cover and wash the durable micro-fiber fabric to make kids’ friends “just like new.”

So, not only will the Silly Soft Seating add punch and pizzazz to the interior of the play room as a functional furniture piece, but these chairs will spark the imaginative fires of growing toddlers by giving them a cute creature to use for playing, sitting, reading, drawing, and more. Who knows what kids will do with these great chairs!


At the end of the day

The Silly Soft Seating from P’kolino, priced at a reasonable $39.95 a piece, comes in 4 styles for kids 12 months and up, including the orange Iggy, the red Kiko, the blue Pipa, and the green Tias. They are so cute that I know you will want all 4 seats for a cozy creature collection!

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