I Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty – Why We Love Uglydolls!

Toys are our thing. We search far and wide to find the best in wooden toys, baby toys, toddler toys, ride on toys, puzzles, games … you get the picture. And, as a toy store, we have always carried plush, or as some people call them, stuffed animals. Often they are just that – stuffed animals. But, in a sea of stuffed teddy bears, puppy dogs and furry monkeys arose something so unique, so cute, and yet SO UGLY, we just had to have them. And, we have forever remained enamored of our soft, plush friends – Uglydolls!

Believe it or not, Uglydolls have been around since 2002, but have seen a recent rise in popularity, mostly spurned by winning the Specialty Toy of the Year award from the Toy Industry Association in 2006 and by a certain Miss Sasha carrying one to her first day of school in Washington DC last year. I have to admit, these dolls won me over when I saw my first life-size Uglydoll walking around Toy Fair years ago, and I still love to see them staring at me with their goofy faces in our retail store or warehouse!

Created as drawings on correspondence between two artists, David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim, Uglydolls quickly grew into a whole line of adorably ugly creatures that are not only cuddly, but fast friends to children and adults alike. With bright colors, unique faces and equally unique names and personalities, Uglydolls have become a popular mainstay in specialty stores nationwide. But, why are they so popular? I have a few hunches why …

Uglydolls are the perfect gift for any age – young ones love that they are a fun doll with which to cuddle, older children appreciate their hip design and “room décor presence,” and adults are taken by their artistic appeal, quirky descriptions and “non-stuffed toy” look. It’s not very often that you find adults purchasing dolls for themselves – I know I normally wouldn’t consider it!

And, it’s the non-stuffed doll design of the Uglydolls that make them perfect for kids that normally shy away from the traditional stuffed toys and plush. But don’t think that those children that like classic stuffed toys will want to stay far away from Uglydolls – they love them just as much! And whether kids like them for their individual designs or their unique story lines and descriptions, we know they won’t be able to stop with just one Uglydoll – they will need to create a whole Uglydoll family!

With a variety of sizes, colors, shapes and goofy and ugly designs, there is an Uglydoll to please just about anyone. And with new characters introduced every year, the ugliness of the Uglydoll line just keeps on spreading. So come on – everyone needs a little ugly in their life, don’t you think?

And, that’s why we love Uglydoll, and we hope you do too!

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  1. astheygrowup November 18, 2009 at 11:12 am #

    Those are the cutest little critters!

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