How to Make Sure Kids are on the “Nice List” – An Elf on the Shelf Staff Review

“He sees you when you’re sleeping. He knows when you’re awake. He knows if you’ve been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake!” Ahhh, the words of this famous Christmas carol are certainly ones that resonate with every child; but as parents know, inquisitive children want answers to the questions that they inevitably ask – HOW? How does Santa know? How does he have time? How can he see us from the North Pole? Isn’t he busy making toys? Well, we have found an answer to this age old problem – The Elf on the Shelf Set!


What’s to like?

The magic of the North Pole and Santa’s legion of elves have come to not only make the weeks leading up to Christmas a little more peaceful and fun, but to help create a new family

tradition that will have everyone in the family excited! But – don’t wait until just before Christmas to get your Elf on the Shelf Set! This set is the perfect pre-Christmas gift that will help build up anticipation for the holiday (as if that needs any more help), while also engaging the whole family in a little holiday fun.

This special Elf on the Shelf Set includes an adorable 8” vintage-looking Elf that kids will immediately welcome into their home. And, in doing so, they must come up with a name for

their cute Elf friend, which they then can register on the website for the North Pole ( and receive adoption papers from none other than Santa himself! Once this simple step is complete, the fun and tradition begins. While this little Elf never speaks, he is very observant – he listens hard and he sees EVERYTHING! Kids can talk to the Elf, sharing their holiday wishes; but, they also have to make sure that they behave because the Elf is always watching their every move. And, the only way that they can make sure to be on Santa’s “Nice List” is through the good reports Santa receives from their very own Elf.

And here’s where the holiday magic begins – each night, after kids say goodnight to their Elf and are fast asleep, he travels back to the North Pole to report to Santa about their wishes and good or bad behavior. And why do kids believe he makes the trip? Because when this Elf returns in the wee hours of the morning, he is hiding somewhere new in the house – he never returns to the place where he left! As kids and parents soon realize, part of this tradition’s fun is trying to find the Elf after he makes his trip, so he can start watching the children again. But, if you are thinking this set is something that the children would only enjoy, guess again! We have many parents – dads especially – that love finding challenging places to hide the Elf in order to make kids’ searches even more fun!

In addition to the Elf, this Elf on the Shelf Set includes the beautifully illustrated, hardbound book The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition that helps tell the story of how this tradition came to be. And while children love reading the story and looking for their Elf, parents love that the set includes a keepsake box that holds the whole set – a perfectly safe place to store the Elf after he “goes back to the North Pole.” We guarantee that kids will anxiously await the return of their Elf every year, making this a new holiday tradition that the whole family is sure to love for years to come!


At the end of the day
It’s not every day that you can find a toy that builds a family tradition and helps keep children well-behaved at the same time, but the Elf on the Shelf Set is it! For only $29.95, families can develop years of special holiday memories, all of which center around finding their adorable Elf friend after his nightly trips to the North Pole. While kids will always look forward to the night that Santa comes to town, their searches for the Elf after his nightly trips will become just as exciting and are the perfect way to build up anticipation for that special night!


This staff review was brought to you by Kim, a Managing Partner. Here’s a little more info (in her own words) about this long time Growing Tree Toys team member:

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