Hooray for Hexbugs!

We knew that kids loved Hexbug Nanos, the tiny robots that swarm, flip and act like real bugs. They’re so cool that it’s been next to impossible to keep them in stock. And now the genius of Hexbug Nanos has been recognized by the proper toy authorities! At a Toy Industry Association Banquet in New York on February 12th, the Hexbug Nano Habitat Set won the Specialty Toy of the Year Award!

But wait, there’s more! Although we are temporarily out of Hexbug Nano Habitat Sets there are exciting developments on the horizon. Soon Hexbug Nanos are going to have a new habitat—one that glows in the dark! Just turn off the lights and watch these silly robots scurry through tunnels and trenches that are all aglow. The Glow in the Dark Hexbug Nano Habitat Set will be available exclusively through Specialty Toy retailers, like us! So be sure to check back or sign up for our email list!

Congratulations Hexbugs, well deserved!

Glow in the Dark Hexbugs
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