Tuba Tunes for Holiday Fun!

While you start hearing Christmas music in the stores earlier and earlier each year, to me, the holiday season isn’t truly here until I hear Christmas music played entirely by tubas. That’s right: tubas!

When I lived out West I took part in the annual TubaFest for several years. Literally hundreds of tuba players – from the smaller alto horns to the big Sousaphones – would spend one special day practicing, then putting on two festive performances. While we were encouraged to pick up the music ahead of time to practice, we put on the shows after just a few hours of practice together!

There is an official, nationwide event called TUBACHRISTMAS that takes place throughout the country. Some locations hold the event on Black Friday, while others maintain the original tradition of performing on Christmas Eve.

This photo here is one of the coolest pictures I have seen! This is from San Antonio in 2009. What a fun perspective for both the players and the audience!

You don’t have to look far to see dozens of awesome TUBACHRISTMAS performances, many taken from a unique perspective, like a Sousaphone in the back row! Watch an example here, “We Wish You a Merry (TUBA) Christmas” from TuBaltimore in 2009.

For more about the San Antonio Tuba Meister Christmas see this blog post. To find a TUBACHRISTMAS performance near you, or to join if you play, visit the TUBACHRISTMAS website.

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