Hog Wild for Halloween Part 1 – Getting Ready for Both Tricks and Treats



[Child Corpse Trio]
Tender Lumplings everywhere
Life’s no fun without a good scare


[Parent Corpses]
That’s our job, but we’re not mean
In our town of Halloween





Directly from Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, this excerpt of the song ‘This is Halloween’ brings back so many ghoulishly wonderful Halloween moments from years past, such as hostess duty, candy duty, and scare duty! In my household, we thrive on the thrill of a good scare and make sure to stock up on all of the holiday necessities months in advance: plastic spiders and snakes, crepe paper ghost and pumpkins, goblin wall hangings, festive fall leaf window decals, and the “oodles of candy” list for the big night!

So, in the tradition of sharing what one loves with others, I’ve put together some sweet and stimulating Halloween accessories that all kids (and adults) can appreciate!

Yes, it is the season for a seemingly non-ceasing sweet tooth to take over your household – what with candy corn, caramel corn, and every other Halloween inspired candy that is manufactured today that seems to be calling to little ones (and big ones) alike. But, instead of simply calming that ravenous sugar craving, why not satisfy the craving in every child’s mind with a cool science kit – candy-inspired and edible of course!


For kids who love to experiment with tasty treats that are as close to professionally made as you can get, the Candy Factory Science Kit from Thames and Kosmos is the one-stop-shop for all things confection related. This kit is complete with molds, cutters, a candy thermometer, delicious recipes for kids’ candy favorites and so much more – there’s never a better or tastier time to explore the wonders of science.
You’ve heard of a “sweet tooth,” but have you ever heard of a “sour tooth?” The Sour Candy Factory Science Kit from Scientific Explorer brings the sassy side of sweet treats to the foreground for an experiment that tests your taste buds. This kit is complete with molds, recipes, sour powder and more to help candy-crazed mad scientists experiment with “sort of” sour and “too sour to talk” sour treats!


Not every Halloween enthusiast is as crazy for candy as, say me, but there’s a different way to appreciate the sugar-shock of the holiday season. Are you ready to … bake?
Calling all bakers! An introduction to the world of real-life baking (with supervision, of course), this baking set is the perfect accessory to craft those crazy Halloween-themed cupcakes. Meant to make baking as easy as 1,2,3 this Cutie Cupcake Baker Play Set from Toysmith includes a 6-cup mini baking pan, 200 colorful paper baking cups, inventive icing decorator with 6 interchangeable tips, and 4 exclusive Bella Bistro cupcake recipes.


At the end of the day, the Great Pumpkin holiday will have kids running ragged on high amounts of adrenaline and extreme levels of sugar, but hopefully some of these silly sciences will sink in or a young bake will emerge!

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  1. Meghan October 8, 2009 at 12:17 pm #

    I think these are very good ideas (candy makers) for friends and families alike. It helps the kids get involved in the Halloween fun while sharing priceless memories with those around them. It seems to be a very special way to get into the spirit of the haunted holiday while sharing sweet delites.

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