High-Flying Junior Stomp Rocket Makes a Great Gift

This year, as always, I filled up two Easter baskets for my nephews with a ton of toys from Growing Tree Toys! I typically grab a few small items and then one special gift. Brady is in love with his Automoblox minis collection, so I knew what to get him. But I struggled for a while with Mason. The kid has almost everything! I remembered how he had recently become obsessed with jumping over things, and figured he might enjoy a Junior Stomp Rocket. In the hustle and bustle of the holiday, we didn’t get to test it out until our family dinner at my Uncle’s.

Junior Stomp Rocket Toy

Set up was so easy; the legs just slide together and then the launch tube is attached with the included nut and bolt. I didn’t even need tools! Mason then took his first go at it. He didn’t jump directly on the launch pad, so the rocket only flew a few feet into the air, but he thought it was hilarious and wanted to do it again. After a few more jumps, some of my other cousins took notice of what was going on in the front lawn and wanted their turn. Before I knew it, I was in charge of making sure 8 kids each got their turn! I don’t know what they had more fun doing…jumping on the launch pad or trying to catch the rockets. Because they are made out of soft foam, this was perfectly safe and easy for them to do.

After about half an hour (and a ton of pictures) they were all exhausted, sweaty and ready for their egg hunt. As we were heading out back, both Brady’s mom and my aunt mentioned to me how the Junior Stomp Rocket would be wonderful gift ideas for upcoming birthdays. Needless to say, I’ll be purchasing my third rocket next week!

Junior Stomp Rocket Glow Refills

What I really enjoyed about the rocket is how easy it was. There is very little assembly required and clean-up is a snap. There isn’t a long winded instruction guide on how to use the product, simple instructions are printed clearly on the box. And, there is no exaggeration; the rockets do fly up to 100 feet! Because of this, I highly recommend purchasing the Junior Stomp Rocket Refills (we lost one in my uncle’s gutter). The Junior Stomp Rocket is a perfect gift for any kid that has a ton of energy and loves to be outdoors. They may not even want to come in once the sun goes down. After all, the rockets do glow in the dark!!

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