Hands-Down Entertainment on Wheels – The New Way to Handstand

My first handstand attempt at 6 years old: I was standing barefoot on the edge of the hard blue gym mat with my hands held shakily in front of me. Taking a step forward to brace myself, I placed my hands on the mat and pushed my feet in the air (but they didn’t stop there) – they kept going and going until … I crashed miserably onto the floor!

Balance and coordination are two skills I don’t have, so I’ve a laundry list of “no-no” activities that require large amounts of both, including handstands, skateboarding, and walking (on occasion). As an outsider of the “balance and coordination” group, I was awed and amazed to find that there are people – with awesome skills and years of dedication – that actually combine all three!

The question becomes: What has four limbs and rolls upside down? A handstanding skateboarder of course! These daredevils combine their love of skateboarding with their gymnastic ability to not fall over when their feet are in the air, leisurely coasting down hills and around curves up to a few miles at a time.

Best of all, this is one upside down activity that all ages can enjoy. In this YouTube video, Greg Bock throws down the skateboard handstand that he’s been practicing since 1975 – and he’s managing it on a curved, downhill driveway!



While I don’t recommend that you try this “hands-down” brand of skateboarding, I do think that it looks like fun (from a spectator’s point of view)!

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