Growing Tree Toys – Going Green and More!

As the month of April draws to a close, we hope you have enjoyed our Earth Day posts and other eco-friendly related information. We are happy to finally supply our customers with an Eco-Friendly Toys department that serves to help them find toys that are recycled, natural or made in the United States, among other attributes.

We also love searching out new companies that offer eco-friendly products – from those that are fiercely dedicated to this mission like Green Toys or Sprig Toys, to others that hope to make a difference by introducing a green lifestyle and the concepts of alternative energy to children, like Thames & Kosmos. While our mission is to provide the most exciting, engaging toys for children, we understand that offering a selection of eco-friendly toys is important – so, we will continue to search out great playthings for children that meet our “green criteria.”

In addition to offering toys that are eco-friendly, we try to do our part in the daily operations of our business to be more Earth-friendly. We understand that shipping to our customers that are unable to “shop local” is stressful to the environment. But, every package we ship arrives in a box that has the highest percentage of recycled content possible, which also makes them completely recyclable. We stuff the inside of each box with paper, which is actually the unused end rolls from our local newspaper, which is also recyclable. And the pretty gift wrapping? Our Birthday, Christmas and Hanukkah gift wrap paper is not only printed in the USA, but is printed on recycled paper and features water-based inks. And you should see how full our cardboard recycling bin can get – we make sure all of the boxes we get from shipments end up being recycled; if not reused, then recycled.


We know that these are just small things and that we can always do more. And although we have had a busy April promoting Eco-Friendly Toys and Earth Day, we are committed to supporting the cause year-round and doing everything we can to make our business more Earth–Friendly. While our focus is to provide high-quality toys to keep the fun and play in childhood, we also know that we want to preserve the world for the children playing with our toys now, and generations from now. So, we hope you have enjoyed our celebration of Earth Day, and we look forward to continuing to provide the best in educational toys AND eco-friendly toys!

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