Grocery Shop in Style with Melissa & Doug: A Staff Review

A few years back, my hometown grocery store, Albertsons, made some strong efforts to make the often-mundane shopping experience just a little more “fun,” in the broadest sense of the term. One element of this was strictly for the kids: metal shopping carts in just their size. The store probably only had two dozen of them, and they sure became a hot commodity fast. We knew when to go so my little sister could be one of the lucky ones with a cart!

Colorful Shopping CartsThanks to Melissa & Doug, all kids can enjoy the real experience of grocery shopping from their own perspective!

The Melissa & Doug Metal Grocery Cart Toy is sturdy and well-constructed, and just like what you’d find in the store. (Well, except that it is kid-sized of course, at about two feet tall.) The wheels swivel for easy maneuvering through the aisles, and the seat even folds so a favorite doll or stuffed animal can come along for the ride.

Melissa & Doug Shopping Cart

Looking for ways the cart could enhance your next shopping trip? Here are some simple ideas:

  • Teach kids about frugality and list-making, and maybe even let them pick out a couple items. What a great way to learn about healthy foods and saving money!
  • Use the small cart for the ingredients to make a favorite dinner: say lasagna noodles, sauce, cheeses, a loaf of bread, and frozen yogurt for dessert.
  • Fill the little one’s cart with little things: collect baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, baby mushrooms, miniature marshmallows, or any of the many items that now come pint (or smaller) sized.
  • Have trouble remembering to bring your reusable bags along when heading to the grocery store? If your kid falls in love with this cart, you’ll probably not have a hard time remembering to stick it in the back of the car. Just put your bags inside.

Of course, this cart is perfectly suitable for all kinds of pretend play at home. Sure, the kids can round up wooden play food (or perhaps food from your pantry!), but imagine what else may make its way into this cart. Maybe it can even aid in tidying up around the house!

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