Gentle Giraffe Toy Review

Now that this has been one of our every day items for over a year, I thought it was a good time for the M Reviews to tackle the Gentle Giraffe Toy!

From Cloud B, makers of the favorite Twilight Turtle toys, comes the plush Gentle Giraffe, a cute animal and sound machine in one!

Gentle Giraffe

From his early days we learned that M needed sound to fall asleep. We first achieved this by none other than the Oball Rattle Toy, used in a pinch when we were out of the house with an overtired newborn. But soon we learned that a sound machine was the answer and the Gentle Giraffe was perfect!

Its portability was just what we needed, so no matter where we were we could create a similar sleep environment. We use the “Victoria Falls” setting for sleep. For us, the other sounds seemed too “stimulating” for sleep, but we used them (especially “Safari Groove”) during playtime or as a distraction in the car! Speaking of in the car. the toy has a sturdy velcro strap at its neck so it can be attached to a car seat. Of course do this before baby goes to sleep, you know how loud velcro can be!

Now I have read complaints about the timer, as it shuts the sounds off after 23 or 45 minutes. Using it two to three times a day, every day, for over a year, I can say we have only changed the batteries once. (That’s some great battery life!) But, if this were able to run all night… well, then you’d be changing batteries all of the time. We have a small, plug in sound machine for that purpose. I suppose we are lucky too that he doesn’t wake up as soon as the sound stops, as I see that would be quite frustrating!

The sound machine also has a handy volume control that is a dial, so you can easily and slowly adjust the level of the sound. We often start at the loudest setting and gradually work our way down till we turn it off (and most often before the timer automatically shuts it off!)

One more note, the sound machine box itself, where the batteries are located, is difficult to get inside of the velcroed pouch on the back of the giraffe! We found that you sort of angle it in from the top first and shimmy it in. It’s nice to know it is in there securely though.

Now despite the sound machine inside it is still a cuddly creature. M treats it like any other stuffed animal and likes his soft mane! The giraffe’s limbs are nice and long and fun to grab.

So after a year of use (and counting), I would say the Gentle Giraffe Toy is a well-made and useful item for at least the first two years of a baby’s life. And, paired with the Sophie the Giraffe Natural Rubber Teether Baby Toy, would make a great gift set for an expectant mother this holiday season or at a baby shower!

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