Furry, Functional and Fun-loving – A “Beastly” Staff Review

Traveling with younger kids is exhausting, both mentally and physically – with emphasis on physically. Why, you ask? From comfort necessities such as soft pillows, fuzzy blankets and kids favorite stuffed animals to “keep them entertained” necessities such as crayons, coloring books, reading books, and hand-held toys, parents have a ton to carry with them. To help lighten the load, let me introduce the fun and furry Orazio the Orangutan Zoobie from Zoobies – the 3-in-1 pillow pet that will have kids curling up with their new friend into a perfectly pacified peace.


What’s to like?

The Orazio the Orangutan Zoobie combines three common necessities for kids into one friendly package –a plush animal, a pillow, and a large fleece blanket. Orazio the Orangutan features a soft body with shaggy red/brown fur, a squishy micro bead face, sewn eyes and ears, and soft Velcro straps. My favorite part of Orazio (aside from his super friendly face), is his long, dangling arms because they wrap around little ones in need of a monkey-sized hug – I know I could use a few more monkey-sized hugs now and again!

Plus, when kids get tired of “monkeying around” with this Orangutan, transforming him from a plush toy friend into a functional necessity is as simple as a “rip” and a “zip” (and who doesn’t love that?). To turn this fun-loving primate into an Orangutan-shaped pillow perfect for car rides or bedtime, kids simply unfasten the Velcro straps and Orazio becomes a full size pillow with a square body and dangling limbs. How many kids can boast having such a unique animal?



But hold on – we can’t forget about the super soft fleece blanket, which also doubles as the padding of this Zoobie! To transform Orazio to a blanket from his pillow form, simply unzip the edge of the primate’s body and pull out the brown/red fleece blanket, which also matches Orazio’s fur. The cozy blanket measures approximately 33”x55”, making it the perfect size for little ones (in my case it manages to cover my legs). Best of all, with so many fantastic features for kids, Orazio the Orangutan also includes a feature geared towards parents – the fleece blanket is easily detachable for use anywhere with or without Orazio and is machine washable (can I get a woot woot?!).



Even more than its multi-use design, Orazio the Orangutan is one of my favorite early learning plush toys because, in younger children, he encourages manual dexterity through the use of unfastening the Velcro straps and unzipping the blanket compartment – two very common activities performed by toddlers. But, when learning is done for the day, little ones can rest assured that their imaginative adventures will never end as they scour Orazio’s Asian homeland searching for a new way to play. So, whether kids use Orazio as a furry primate friend, a fluffy pillow, or a soft blanket – the fun never stops with Orazio the Orangutan Zoobie!


At the end of the day

For $33.95, Orazio the Orangutan Zoobie provides kids, 3 years and older, with the right necessities every time: a pillow, a blanket, and a friend!


This staff review was brought to you by me, Kendra, Growing Tree’s Copywriter. Here’s a little more info (in my own words) about my time with the company:
I have worked at Growing Tree Toys for 3 years as a copywriter for our store’s website, where I get to play with demo toys to learn the “in’s” and “out’s” of all our products. Since I can’t really justify buying endless amounts of toys for myself, my family and friends are pretty much guaranteed to get presents from Growing Tree Toys – and no one is happier about that than my little 9-year-old sister! When I’m not tinkering with toys, I read every book I can find – and currently I own approximately 200 books!

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