High-Tech Ways to Teach Kids about Music

Have a computer? is your sound on? Then check out these awesome, free tools from around the web to help teach the fun of music at home, or anytime!

Now, I think any age group would find this quite exciting! From the Exploratorium in San Francisco is the Science of Music Dot Mixer, where anyone can become a DJ! You literally drag and drop colored dots onto the screen, the more you drag, the more beats that are mixed together. They recommend using headphones for the full effect!

More from San Francisco – their Symphony also wants kids to have fun with music on their SFS Kids site. There you can find their Music Lab that teaches the basics (literally, the staff and the notes), harmony, rhythm, tempo and so on. When you’re all set, you can use the “Composerizer” to put together all you’ve learned! Very neat.

We see why this interactive opera of Hansel & Gretel won a “Best In Class” Interactive Media Award! Before you customize your opera, you can go “backstage” and learn more about opera and its terminology, fairy tales, different vocal ranges, and more. They do such a great job in relating to what kids understand, like equating the “melody” to “happy kids jumping.” Your child’s name will even be customized on the program!

Technology is well-utilized in this collection of children’s singalong songs. For each song, say Row, Row, Row Your Boat there are videos that demonstrate the song in action. You can also view the song’s lyrics (gently down the what?) and even download the sheet music in several keys.

For more fun with music that can be had at any time, browse our Musical Toys!

Hansel & Gretel images are from the Classical KUSC Kids site, while you can see (and more importantly, hear!) the whole Dot Mixer experience courtesy of the Exploratorium site.

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  1. Toys and Games Reporter February 28, 2011 at 1:23 pm #

    Very cute. My children love music very much. This is a great way I think for children to have a fun and educational experiance at the same time. http://toysandgamesreporter.com/ is another site related to spreading knowledge about safe and educating toys for our children.

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