Fighters, to Your Corners – Take Me Back Tuesday remembers Rock em Sock em Robots

I admit it – my grandparents lived to spoil their grandchildren. They created the basement of every child’s dreams, making it one of my favorite places to visit and play with my siblings and my cousins. In addition to the wonderfully retro 8-Track player to provide a nostalgic soundtrack for playtime, their basement featured a long “shuffleboard” game table, a table-sized air hockey game, a fusbol table, a full-size pin ball machine, and even a slot machine (for which I always spent my allotted dimes, every visit, without fail)! Forget Chuck E. Cheese – my grandparent’s basement was the place to be!

But, in addition to all of these exciting, big-time games, they had a number of toys and games with which we played all the time – one of which is the classic Rock em Sock em Robots Game! And, every time I see the blue and red robots of this action packed game in our store or at the warehouse, it really takes me back to all those fond memories of playing in that basement.

Even though we had plenty to play with, the Rock ‘em Sock ‘em Robots Game got lots of action! This classic game gave us kids a way to fight and compete in a safe manner – safe except for those poor blue and red robot heads! I can still hear that loud clicking noise of those heads shooting upwards after a particularly menacing punch. Almost reminds you of the Batman “Ka-Pow!”

Although this game has been around since 1964, I am sure our version was from the late 1970’s or early 1980’s. To fill your head with knowledge about this head-busting game, here is a brief history from Wikipedia:

       Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots is a two-player game/toy designed by Marvin Glass and Associates and released by Marx toys in 1964. Marx later was acquired by Tyco Toys, which was acquired in 1997 by Mattel, Inc. It is currently marketed by Mattel.

       Each player takes control of either the red robot (the “Red Rocker”) or the blue robot (the “Blue Bomber”), both of which are standing on a platform reminiscent of a boxing ring. By pushing buttons on a pair of joysticks at the base of the platform, players make their robot punch at their opponent’s robot. If a robot’s head gets hit with the sufficient force at a suitable angle, its head will pop up, signifying that the other player has won. Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots has enjoyed far-ranging success in the United States, selling in the hundreds of thousands and becoming something of a minor pop-culture phenomenon.

Nothing tells the fighting glory of this exciting game like an old-school commercial. Fighters – to your corners and prepare to fight!

60’s Commercial:



70’s Commercial:



Best of all, Mattel has gone back to a retro packaging for this classic toy – a real testament to the idea of “take me back!” For someone who has no interest in boxing, I love to work on my left and right uppercuts with the Rock ‘em Sock ‘em Robots Game!


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