Fantastically Active Playtime – Inside and Out!

As days get shorter and temperatures get colder, it may not be as attractive to play outside! We have lots of fun ways to bring the active fun of the outdoors in – read on to learn more!

Spooner Boards

Two of our newest toys are the Spooner Boards! These indestructible, unbreakable boards are made in San Diego and combine the fun of snowboarding, skateboarding and surfing. There are two options based on the size of the child. First, there is the Freestyle Spooner Board for children under four feet tall (and four years of age or older). Then older kids, taller than four feet, can give the Pro Spooner Board a try. At 28″ in length, four inches longer than the Freestyle, it is capable of more complex tricks.

The Light-Up Air Power Soccer Disk is not just for soccer! Similar to a large air hockey puck, this one-of-a-kind toy is the centerpiece for indoor soccer, hockey, AND bowling! Hovering on a cushion of air, it also has colored LEDs to add to the fun. Its outer rim protects furniture and walls (and feet!) making it safe to play with inside. See what kind of game your kids can come up with!

A pogo stick for indoors? Yes, please! The Hop and Squeak Pogo Jumper from Kidoozie is made of a unique foam attached to a bungee cord, rather than metal and springs, making it perfect for indoor play. But this jumping toy doesn’t have to be fun for just the kids – it can accommodate up to 250 pounds! What a fun way for the whole family to exercise inside!

Pewi Bike

Another newer toy, the YBike Pewi, is a great multi-purpose ride-on toy for tots. Little ones (as young as nine months!) can use the Pewi for stability as they hone their walking skills. As they grow, they can hop on for a ride. Thanks to non-marking, multi-directional wheels, they can ride around the house without messing up the floor. And the fun is long lasting, as the Oppenheim Toy Gold Award-winning Pewi can be used by children up to 44 pounds, and 43″ tall.

Finally, here is a classic toy back for the current generation. From Mary Meyer comes the favorite “stick horse,” including the Easy Ride ‘Um Black Stick Horse! Perfect for pretend play, it is just as the name implies (and as fun as you remember) a soft horse head on a stick, ready to “ride” around the house! This version has the added bonus of appropriate horse sounds.

We hope you enjoyed this list of ways to stay bouncing, busy and active indoors. Please share any ideas you have to be physically active inside when the conditions outside are not favorable!

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