Fantacolor Junior Color Sorting Set

After reviewing the Automoblox Mini Cars Three Pack with her older son, Shannon of Potamus Prefers and her toddler son play with the Fantacolor Junior Color Sorting Set.

When we received the Fantacolor Junior Color Sorting Set to test out, I immediately opened it and was glad to see that it was super easy to set up. There are 16 picture cards and 48 chunky pegs that are perfect for chunky little toddler fingers. I got the toy out for my two year old and started showing him how the bright and colorful pegs fit into the toy and how easy it was to match them with the colors on the picture pages. At first, he lost interest pretty quickly, so I decided to put it away and try again later. He is very into cars and wheeled things and I have found that sometimes you have to introduce something different a few times before he shows interest. I have found some of his favorite toys by reintroducing toys a few times.


I brought the Fantacolor Junior set out again in a couple of weeks and this time both my two and three year old enjoyed playing with it for a good while. They also enjoyed sorting the pegs in little piles on the table. I feel the toy is age appropriate for two and three year olds and is a great learning tool for colors, color matching and sorting. It also packs up easily and is portable so it’s a great toy to take on trips or to let the boys play with while we are in the waiting room of doctor’s offices (who wants to play with the germy toys they provide). I love that it helps my two year old learn his colors and it has also helped his finger dexterity and helped him focus on an activity. I think this is good practice for preschool as I know he will have to stay on task for short periods of time there. It is a toy that promotes hand-eye coordination and that is something my toddler needed to work on.

I think this toy will last through my boys’ toddler years and will be one we can pass down to friends. The pictures are printed on a tough card material and they still look new after several months of use. I really like that the case turns into storage for the toy so I don’t have to store it separately. It is also neat for teaching kids how to take turns with other kids during play dates. Little ones can take turns putting the pegs in and can help each other put the toy away when they are finished with play time. I am glad that this is a toy that he won’t grow out of too quickly and can share with his brother that is only one year older than him. I would recommend the Fantacolor Junior Color Sorting Set to anyone looking for a gift for a little one’s birthday, holiday gift or any parent who wants a fun and educational toy that will travel well and take up very little space in your already packed car (I’ve taken road trips with babies and toddlers and know that it feels like you are packing the whole house when you leave).

For a closer perspective of the Fantacolor set, take a look at Shannon’s video review.

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