Fanciful, Frozen Masterpieces – An Ode to Ice Sculptures

It’s hard, it’s cold, it’s beautiful – how else would you describe ice? Well, perhaps you could also say that ice is sparkling, mesmerizing, and unique!

Whether a winter wonderland is your favorite way to enjoy the holiday season – or the cold has you wearing six layers of clothing to beat the frostbite, there is one cold weather past time that we can all enjoy – fanciful, frozen ice sculptures!

I’m not a fan of cold weather, but even I will brave the bone numbing cold to get a first hand view of some truly amazing works of art. I’ve always been impressed with the world of the ice artist because they spend so much time creating a temporary work of art that is completely amazing and totally “cool!”

Without further ado – ice as you’ve never seen it before:

Hmm, which one is the real Eiffel Tower? Ok, so it’s an obvious question, but even from a distance you can see where the intricate details of the tower were carved into the ice. I’m impressed.

Cinderella may be my favorite Disney movie, but if I could choose my ride to the royal ball, I would definitely pick the ice carriage! I love the intricate details of the carriage wall, which adds a stylish pizzazz that Disney animation just couldn’t perfect.

And, last but certainly not least …

Alright, I was not entirely sure what this arrangement of buildings and fun fare was supposed to be at first, but I quickly recognized Big Ben and the London Eye because of their magnificent detail and design!

Whether it is an artistic centerpiece, an ode to a favorite fairy tale, or simply a display of clever craftsmanship, I’ve given you a tiny glimpse into the world of fantastic ice sculptures; but, in our hometown of State College, Pa, we have our fair share of talent. As part of our First Night New Year’s celebration each year, we invite artists to create and display their ice art on the streets of downtown – we even have a great sculpture at the doorway of Growing Tree Toys! Here is a sampling of the sculptures showcased in years past:

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