Exploring the Animal Kingdom at the Zoo!

As we all know it is back to school time, but we also know that learning can truly happen anytime and anywhere! With zoos all over the world open year-round, it’s a great place to experience the variety of the animal kingdom, their habitats, and more. My family and I just returned from a roadtrip where we visited one of our favorite zoos. And while our one-year old may be a little young to do more than look at, point at, and listen to the animals, kids don’t have to be much older to learn!

Playmobil Zoo

It doesn’t take an actual trip to the zoo though to experience the world of animals! Pretty much any zoo has a section on their website dedicated to learning and education. The Phoenix Zoo, voted one of the U.S. top zoos for kids, has information on many of their 1,300 animals, including 200 endangered species. Over at the Saint Louis Zoo, their online resources include details about animal nutrition and veterinary care. Meanwhile, up north in Massachusetts, Southwick’s Zoo has a unique Zookeepers Diary that offers a neat take of the life of the zookeepers through words and photos.

It is easy and fun though to play “zoo” at home! The ornate and brightly colored Playmobil Zoo lets little ones plan out their zoo and enjoy an outing there. Perfect for a trip, the Mini ZipBin Zoo Play Mat packs all of the fun into an easy package.

Take a look at our Zoo Animal Toys to find zoo-related fun anytime. You can also find out the latest from the zoos themselves by checking out our Zoo and Aquarium List on Twitter!

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