Experiments Gone Right – The Kreechers Have Arrived!

The quest to create the “ultimate kid’s pillow” is never easy …


“Scientists began dangerously experimenting, where they cross-pollinated throw pillows with baby blankets and leg stockings. They spliced DNA from old sweaters and abandoned teddy bears, and wrapped comforter innards with beanbag skins.”

And the result – The Kreechers!! This band of pleasantly plush pillow misfits is nothing like a traditional square pillow and everything like a horrible experiment that became experimental awesomeness – and who doesn’t love that! At first glance, these kooky critters may excite your nerves with their bold colors and whacky patterns, but you’ll soon find that behind their lopsided eyes, funky horns, and patterned bodies, they radiate personality – just like the kid’s who’ll love to play with them!

And who are these terribly unique, ultimate pillow pals? Let me introduce you to the fantastic Kreechers:

Stanley Kreecher

Eugene Kreecher

Beatrice Kreecher

Irene Kreecher

Walker Kreecher

This adorable pack of loveable ruffians includes Stanley, the hi-fi pillow that features a built-in blue tooth (literally); Eugene, the holiday sweater experiment gone south; Beatrice, the snuggly ugly duckling, who fears water; Irene, the mischievous monkey with a sassy spunk; and Walker, the googly-eyed serpent wanna-be with a forked tongue!

Have you found a favorite yet? Wait, there’s more!

Blanche Kreecher

Hank Kreecher

Mildred Kreecher

Floyd Kreecher

Herman Kreecher

Check out this colorful crew of creatures! This super silly group includes Blanche, the mean queen with a mutated crown and rainbow highlights; Hank, the leader of the kooky Kreecher pack; Mildred, who rocks out her green spikes to her own soundtrack; Floyd, the microwave experiment who radiates personality; and Herman, the hamster lab mascot with whiskers!

I love that each pillow features a unique background and funky look, but if you ask me, their kooky personalities make choosing the ultimate kid’s pillow almost impossible! But then, why choose one when you can collect them all?

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