Enjoying Autumn Outdoors with Kids

In the fall season, “outdoor play” means different things depending on where you live! It may involve scenic colors with crunchy leaves, or perhaps it’s finally when the summer heat has subsided enough to actually enjoy time outside! Or if you’re really lucky, maybe there is snow on the ground! Regardless, Autumn is an ideal time to get outside and play. Here are some ideas!

Fall Trees

Playing in a pile of leaves sort of speaks for itself! This iconic way to enjoy the fall season is simple – rake the leaves into a pile and jump right in! It’s also entertaining to look at the different colors, shapes and sizes of the leaves. (Want to save some of the colorful leaves for later? Bring them inside for a fun activity and make a fall placemat!)

Another way to enjoy the season is to go on a nature walk. Dress for the weather and enjoy looking at trees, branches, leaves, wildlife, and everything else! This link has another cute idea – wrap tape sticky side up around your child’s wrist and let them ‘collect’ items to make their own “nature bracelet”!

Fall Gourds

Now here is a play idea for little ones cones from my year-old son. I filled a bucket with water so we could rinse off a pumpkin we had just brought home from the pumpkin patch. He decided the gourds needed washed too, dropping them in the water, taking them out and placing them on the sidewalk, then putting them in the water again. This lasted for at least a half hour, and next to nothing holds his attention that long! It’d be fun with older kids to discuss whether an object would “sink” or “float”.

Spending time on the porch, sidewalk or otherwise near where you live allows for some outdoor play even when you are short on time! Also, if anyone gets chilly (or sleepy, or needs a break, and so on) the comfort of indoors is just a few steps away. We have a broad selection of Sidewalk & Driveway Activities that are sure to be fun for everyone – select the age group you are browsing for to find the perfect toys!

How do you and your family find ways to play outside as the sun sets earlier and the temperatures go down?

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