Ellen Learns to Yo-Yo with Yomega

Sometimes I get really excited about toys when I write the product descriptions. Recently I became obsessed with the Yomega Hot Shot Yo-Yo; so obsessed that I convinced Jon and Kim to supply me with one for a series of blog posts called “Ellen Learns to Yo-Yo with Yomega.”

Here’s the pitch that earned me my own Hot Shot:

“Ellen can’t yo-yo, even a little bit. So then she starts practicing and gets to be really sick at doing tricks and everyone is like, ‘Wow, Ellen! You did a really great job and now you’re tricks are sick.’ Would include videos. “

Sounds good, I’d like to see her pull it off. Oh no. I’m the Ellen that has to become a yo-yo master!

So far I’ve enjoyed bragging to friends about how cool my Yomega is; throwing out terms like “double axel” and “perimeter mass,” but I haven’t practiced much. I can make it return to my hand 1-2 times in a row…that’s something.

So here is the beginning of my experiment. I have very few skills that require coordination. I can’t skateboard, do swimming strokes, play hacky-sack, hula hoop, skip-it or moonwalk. I fell out of my chair and into a desk drawer just yesterday while everyone was away at the warehouse, but I will learn to yo-yo if it kills me.

My Hot Shot came with a Yomega Mania DVD which promises tricks for all levels and expert instruction from professionals. I’ll have more to say about the DVD in my next post which you will see approximately one month from now, here on the Growing Tree Toys Blog.

Stay tuned and see how this turns out.

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