Earth Day 2010: Gardening Fun for Kids

This second post of our Earth Day 2010 series highlights one of easiest ways to not only help the Earth, but enjoy the great outdoors. Nothing says “green” like gardening, and what better way is there to teach your kids about sustainability and healthy eating? Here we showcase a few of our favorites from our gardening toys section!

Read before you grow with the Klutz Good Growing Book. Following in the footsteps of the award-winning book Kids Gardening, Klutz’s new edition is updated for today’s kids. It even comes with 2 “Super Sprouter” pots, radish and bean seeds, ready for the windowsill.

What about kid-sized tools? Melissa & Doug’s Blossom Bright Tote Bag Set includes a trowel, a cultivator, and a spray bottle, and plenty more space and pockets for other gardening supplies. (We also carry a matching magnifying glass!)

Another indoor gardening option for kids comes from Green Toys – whose products are primarily made of recycled milk jugs! The 9-piece Green Toys Indoor Gardening Kit includes a pea pod shaped planter tray to hold the 3 planting pots, a trowel, 3 soil discs, and of course, 3 packages of organic seeds: Teddy Bear Sunflower, Basil, and Zinnia.

The iconic green and yellow of John Deere is not just for adults! One of the several products we carry is the John Deere Wheelbarrow Toy – a smaller version of the real thing. Kids will loading and unloading the wheelbarrow and helping in the garden!

Gardening-related fun isn’t just for soil and seeds. Crafty projects are perfect for when spring rains are helping the plants grow, but preventing fun outside!

Remember special blooms and leaves thanks to the Creativity for Kids Mini Flower Press and Nature Cards Kit. It includes Velcro-based press (no screws here!) and all the tools needed to create memories inspired by nature. You could press a flower and make a card to send to an out-of-town family member so they can see what’s “growing” on at your house!

Next week Ellen will continue our Earth Day 2010 series with some inspired ideas for green family fun.

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