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Those of you readers signed up for email updates from Growing Tree Toys will find out what’s new in our latest email, going out today, which is full of new brands and new toys. Some of them just came in for the first time this week! The email will highlight some of the latest and greatest brands, but you can always see what is new on the site anytime by visiting our New Arrivals category, which is updated as we receive new product for the first time.

We spend much of the beginning of the year searching out exciting new toys to add to our website, some of which we receive right away, and others we have to wait months to see again! That means there is always something new to see on our website – right up until the holiday season! We get excited about the new toys we are adding to the website, whether they are a new spin on an old favorite or a completely new concept in toys. There never seems to be shortage of products that kids are sure to love.

George Hansburg's - Pogo Stick

And while new is exciting, sometimes it is the longtime favorites that we always come back to when suggesting toys for shoppers – after all, just because they are familiar to us, doesn’t mean that they aren’t “new” to someone else! Some of the toys featured on our website have been available in our store from the very beginning almost three decades ago! So, how could you go wrong suggesting a toy with that kind of history?

So while I started out this post telling you about what is new, I thought it would be fun to look back and see what’s not new in toys. Like the Pogo Stick – we buy our pogo sticks from the company that originally created them in the US – and you can read all about their history here.

Or, do you know the history of the Yo-Yo? It is the world’s second oldest toy, behind the doll, and is still a favorite of children today. In fact, we have some REALLY cool new versions from Yomega that are sure to amaze – and sometime soon, Ellen is going to show you the tricks she has mastered with her Yo-Yo on our blog.

And, of course, you can’t forget Erector Sets! We still sell many of these popular building sets, making them a brand that has been building fun for over a century!

Which brings me to something that is both old and new – well, a classic building favorite that is new for the website! We have carried this brand in our store for years, but now LEGO® is finally available from us online! An obvious omission from our website for years, we have many of the new exciting sets in the most popular LEGO® themes, so be sure to check out our full selection.

But, I think the best thing about LEGO® and the internet is all cool YouTube videos that are available from ingenious people using LEGO® pieces and figures. Here’s a great one for your viewing pleasure (that some of our current sets could help recreate!):

Photo Credits: Credit to for George Hansburg’s – Pogo Stick picture. Picture of the yo-yo designed by Ettore Ferro (“Mr. BIST”) called “Bistocracy”, the winner of the 2010 World’s Mod Contest.

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