DIY Decor from Pinterest

We have an “extra” weekend between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, which means we have even more time to enjoy festive holiday decorations! This year, we were looking for some fresh, new ideas for decor, and these days if you are looking for any inspiration the place to look is Pinterest!

Pinterest Decorations

Unique Wall Tree

An even better way to decorate is to DIY! We found some fun ideas and pinned them here. We especially like all the ways to reuse and repurpose, like with wine bottles or buttons, as well as “all-natural” decorations using greenery and even oranges!

We especially want to highlight this neat find, a “tree” perfect for apartments and smaller homes that may not have room for a traditional tree. Take a blank wall and pin up special memories, from pictures to cards and anything, really. This unique wall collage is in the shape of a tree – making for one unique and truly memorable Christmas tree!

It’s fun to add a little pizazz to the holiday decorating. Are you trying anything new this year?

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