Customer Questions: Expert Kettrike Comparison Advice

Today, one of our managers, Sarah (and Kettrike expert!) answers a very common customer question, especially as the temperatures start to creep up!

Question: With Spring just around the corner, I wanted to buy one of the Kettler Trikes for my child. With so many choices, how do I know which one is best for me? Is there one that you recommend more than any other?

Kettler Kettrike Junior

Answer: At first glance, it is very difficult to tell the differences between all of the Kettler trikes and choosing the best one to suit your needs. However, each trike is unique and has specific special features. The first question I always ask a customer is whether or not they plan on using the pushbar with the trike. Using the pushbar makes the trike more of a type of “stroller,” allowing the child to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride while the parent pushes the trike with a removable handle. All of the trikes featured on our site come with the pushbar.

Parental Locking Mechanism™

I highly recommend that when using the pushbar, you want a trike that has the Parental Locking Mechanism™ and the 3 in 1 Auto-Free Wheel™. The Parental Locking Mechanism™ allows parents to easily lock the handlebars, preventing the rider from moving the front wheel. This allows the parent to be in complete control of the movement of the trike. The 3 in 1 Auto-Free Wheel™ allows the rider to rest their feet on the pedals without them spinning with the front tire. As a side note, the trike must have this feature if you wanted to purchase the Lil–Foote Kettrest as an accessory to the trike.

Princess Happy Plus

Then there are the different frames and seats. Only two of the trikes, the Air Navigator and the Jumbo, have the wide seat. The one downfall to the wider seat is that you cannot adjust its position. With the narrower seat, you get four seat adjustments. Some people prefer this, as it helps the trike grow with the child. Each trike has between 4-5 frame adjustments as well. It is a personal preference when it comes to choosing between the S-Shape and the Straight tube. However, if you ever want to use the Tandem Insert, you need to have a trike with the S-Shape frame.

And then of course, there are the cosmetic features. One of my favorite is the rear tipping bucket. Having a place to put your favorite toys while riding is a MUST! The color of the trike is also a big decision. In the past, there weren’t many choices as Kettler only made the trikes in primary colors. Today, you can still find those classic colors, but you can also pick a Happy Plus trike in cool themes like Princess or Construction. Lastly, there are the two different types of wheels, the Komfy-Ride™ Air Tires and the MaxXtread™ tires. Both are good quality tires with plenty of tread for hours and hours of outdoor riding. Some say the air tires make the ride smoother. To me, both the Komfy-Ride™ Air Tires and the MaxXtread™ tires are a big step up from those loud, cheap Big Wheels tires I had growing up!

Happy Navigator

If I had to choose one trike that is my absolute favorite it would be, hands down, the Happy Navigator. I like the look of the classic colors, and it has the tipping bucket. I also like that is has the maximum number of seat/frame adjustments. It may be one of the more expensive trikes, but I know that I would get my money’s worth, as it will last forever!

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