Curious Kids Discover Space with Curiosity!

Have you been keeping up with Curiosity, the Mars Rover? My household was awake at about 1am when it successfully touched down, and it was neat to see the NASA employees celebrate with the first photos.

Since August 16, more photos and now, even HD videos have been released and they are amazing! Here is a recent video of Curiosity landing on the Red Planet.

For further information, check out this post by that goes into detail on each of Curiosity’s seventeen cameras!

Twilight Turtle Toy

Now, we have some neat space and astronomy toys for kids who love to look to the skies and dream about outer space. Here are a few favorites by age!

One of the favorite toys of babies, kids and parents everywhere, the Twilight Turtle Toy starts little ones off right with learning about stars and the sky. This unique toy is great for any age!

Sky-high fun can be had inside, too! The Remote Control Spaceman Toy, properly dressed in a white spacesuit, is remote controlled and ready to fly! This toy is right for kids ages 6 and up, but would be fun for younger ones to watch!

Space Exploration Science Kit

From science heavyweights Thames and Kosmos is the the Space Exploration Science Kit, which lets kids explore outer space by assembling a scale model. This more advanced kit is perfect for kids ages 8 and up.

Check out more space themed toys on our website. And be sure to keep up with Curiosity – you even can straight from the source thanks to its Twitter personality – @marscuriosity!


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