Crafty Cards, Crazy Characters, and Rampaging Randomness – A Quelf Staff Review

“Using household items, construct a mask worthy of a Halloween party. Wear the mask until you land on a green space” – sound like something you could handle doing? Ok, what about putting 5 ice cubes down your pants until you can roll a 6? These are just two of the crazy “Stuntz” you may have to do while playing the unpredictable party game known as Quelf – the game that provides mindboggling antics and trivia for an exciting ride!


What’s to like?

Quelf, from Imagination Games, is an insane board game for 3-8 players. It is not, let me repeat NOT, for the shy or faint of heart. As you move your way around the quizzical game board, you will land on one of 5 different colored spots. Each color coordinates with a specific card category: Roolz, Quizzle, Stuntz, Showbiz and Scatterbrainz. My favorite card category is Roolz because these cards are the “rules” that you must follow throughout the remainder of the game…or at least until you pick another card that cancels it out. If you fail to perform what is asked of you on any card, you must take the penalty and move your piece back between 1-3 spaces. The last time I played, I felt like I was moving back more than I was progressing forward!



And I can’t forget to mention the crazy characters! Who wouldn’t want to be a Super Ninja Monkey or The Platypus? Take some time to read each character biography and choose the one who most resembles you – or your super secret alter-ego! Keep in mind that the character you pick plays an important role throughout the entire game. For instance, you may pick a Roolz card that says you need to grab a napkin and wear it as a bib the rest of the game – unless, of course, you are Queen Spatula. Because then you can order the other players to wear the bibs instead.



What I love most about the Quelf Game is that it is a great ice breaker. It can be pulled out at the beginning of a party when everyone is trying to get acquainted. I mean, after turning yourself into a human pretzel or snorting like a pig every time you laugh, you magically feel closer to your fellow players. I must reinforce that players need to be outgoing and willing to make a complete fool of themselves! My sister gave up after one card and just walked away – no fun!!


Not to be picky…

While the Quelf game instructions make the game seem as simple as getting out the board, rolling the dice and moving your pieces around the board, it’s not that easy. Each type of playing card features a set of instructions to follow adding to the confusion at first, but game play becomes easier to understand after a few cards are drawn! I guarantee there is nothing but laughter the rest of the game.


At the end of the day

For $29.95, Quelf is an awesome game of fun and laughter for kids 12 and up. What a perfect way to spice up a family game night! WARNING: This box contains randomness to which even parents may get addicted!


This staff review was brought to you by Sarah, our Warehouse Manager. Here’s a little more info (in her own words) about this long time Growing Tree Toys team member:
My time with Growing Tree Toys started 4 years ago when I worked part-time at Growing Tree Toys as a floor associate during my chemistry undergrad at Penn State. I have since become the warehouse manager, making it my goal that each customer’s order is fulfilled and arrives in perfect condition. During my free time, I love taking road trips to visit friends and family. They have helped shape who I am today, and I will never pass up an opportunity to have some quality time with them!

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