Colorful Beads, Giant Rubber Bands, and a Mega Meatball – A World Record Trilogy

When I was eight, I swore that one day I would break a world record and be showered with eternal glory (ah, the certainty of youth)! However, while I’m still searching for that elusive World Record title, the eastern United States is bursting with record breaking hijinks!


All good things come in three’s (or so I like to believe), so let’s take a look at the recent trilogy of successful World Record attempts.


Longest Bead Chain

The East Providence Education Foundation (EPEF) broke the Guinness World Record for the longest chain of beads ever assembled. Now, I should say that they shattered the previous record of 335 feet, which was set in the United Kingdom, because their “spirited” chain measured 1,349 feet (nearly quadrupling the previous record) and was made entirely out of red and white beads – their school colors!


The EPEF “Bead It” drive (as it was affectionately called) came about as a way to bring the community together while trying to ensure that this new record stands for awhile. Here’s hoping!


Giant Rubber Band Ball

Most people use rubber bands to hold a bundle of pencils together or to roll up a poster, but sun-loving Floridian Joel Waul has spent his spare time (over the past 6 years) stretching rubber bands of all sizes into a colorful ball! Joel has officially claimed the record for the largest rubber band ball with his 6-foot, 7-inch tall, 9,032-pound behemoth creation.


And, despite a few regrettable, rubber band casualties during the “building” process – a sprained hand, a broken toe, ripped cargo pants, and broken sunglasses – this rubber band beauty is on its way to the Orlando-based Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum for all to see!


World’s Largest Meatball

What do you get when you combine 280-pounds of raw meat and an overachieving Italian chef? You get a 222.5-pound Nonni’s meatball! Mathew Mitnitsky, owner-chef of Nonni’s Italian Eatery in Concord, NH, wanted to make a statement with his restaurant’s most popular food. And what a statement it is! The previous record for the world’s largest meatball was set in Los Angeles and weighed in at 198.6 pounds, but Mitnisky wanted “to bring the meatball back to the East Coast because that’s where it originated.”


The only thing better than cooking the world’s largest meatball, at least from my perspective, is getting to eat it afterwards, which is just what this chef had in mind. While this meatball may be a little larger than traditional meal-sized counterparts, it still remains a Nonni’s meatball and, therefore, is 100% edible!


From beads to rubber bands to meatballs, there’s a record for everyone. Maybe one day I’ll find mine.


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