Celebrating Popcorn Month!

Today we are taking a closer look at an iconic American snack food – Popcorn! Did you know that October is officially “Popcorn Poppin’ Month”? I just learned this on a neat website by the Popcorn Board, Popcorn.org, that provides a great overview on this healthy snack.

A good place to start is to read some fun facts about the whole grain treat. Here are a few:

  • Americans consume some 16 billion quarts of this whole grain, good-for-you treat. That’s 51 quarts per man, woman, and child.
  • Most U.S. popcorn is grown in the Midwest, primarily in Indiana, Nebraska, Ohio, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky and Missouri.
  • The peak period for popcorn sales for home consumption is in the fall.
  • Poppy

    Do you and your family eat more popcorn in the fall? It is when most popcorn is harvested – hence it being Popcorn Poppin’ Month in October. But that’s a great thing about popcorn – it’s great for any time of the year, like stringing around a Christmas tree or a snack at the movies!

    The relationship between popcorn and movies is very close – I live right by a movie theatre and that popcorn smell lofting out can be pretty tempting! Did you know that popcorn was right there with the “talking pictures” movement in the 1920’s? (read more here)

    Along with the cute popcorny character Poppy (pictured here), young ones can enjoy the kids section of Popcorn.org to learn more. You can see a list of books to find at the library or bookstore with popcorn as a theme, like If You Take a Mouse to the Movies by Laura Joffe Numeroff and The Popcorn Tree by Carolyn Mamchur. You can also print worksheets and coloring pages, and even play fun online games!

    Popcorn Bowl

    Kids who REALLY love popcorn should check this out. The Popcorn Pep Club provides a neat opportunity for popcorn fans to help out their school! Between now and December 31, 2012, kids can enter to win $2,500 for their school by showing their love of popcorn, from creating a popcorn-themed science project to making up a popcorn recipe. See the details here!

    We’ll leave you with something you may not have thought of before – different ways to cook with popcorn. It’s not just about popped kernels with butter or oil anymore! Check out their recipes! See seasoning options from spicy to sweet to savory, discover different ways to use it in meals, and even ways to shape it like this EDIBLE Popcorn Party Bowl! How cool is that?

    So it may be October 29 but it’s not too late to celebrate Popcorn Poppin’ Month – as popcorn is a sensible snack for any day of the year!

    Photos courtesy of Popcorn.org.

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