Celebrate Alaska Day!

Each year, October 18 is a special day in the 49th state of the U.S.! On October 18, 1867, the territory of Alaska was formally transferred to the United States. This transfer was made official during a flag-raising on Fort Sitka, the site of much of the celebration today.

Alaska Day is the culmination of many days of celebration, with many businesses and schools closing early for the day or being closed entirely. In 2012, the Alaska Day Festival honors the Alaska Native Brotherhood and its 100 years.

Like many festive events, one of the highlights is a fun parade from Swan Lake to Lincoln Street. Spectators have their eyes on the bands, marching units, decorated vehicles, classic cars, and people in festive costumes. Many other historical and other events highlight the festivities.

So today we wish our fellow state to the north a joyful day of remembrance! Happy Alaska Day!

(The image above is from the Alaska Day Festival website. Information also retrieved from Wikipedia.)

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